Using Travel Banners For Promotions

I know most of you have already heard of it because it is widely seen on most websites.

It is obvious that the marketing companies will attract many customers from this and that’s why banner advertisements are in high demand today.

I am not ทำป้าย claiming that this is the only way to advertise your sites and to get a good traffic. But I just want to tell you that there are some outstanding benefits for banner advertising when we compare it with other ways of advertising.

You can use some of these methods for free and some you have to pay monthly.

Is the amount you paying for advertising is the main factor that affects you?

Will any marketing companies offer an assurance that the costly ads will increase the traffic rate? What should you do to get the most out of the banner advertising?

I am going to give you some useful tips that can help you on deciding which service you can opt for.

First of all, the main benefit of banner advertising is the low cost while comparing to others. In this you can either choose from pay per click or a fixed rate. Pay per click guarantees you visits and you only have to pay a fraction of a penny for each hit. But in fixed rate, as a rent for placing your banners you have to pay a monthly fee of around $5-$10 per month.

When comparing with other methods of advertising banner advertisement is the cheapest and it is very effective when we use it for pay per click. Usually pay per click ads has good graphics which will attract more people. So by using banner ads we will get higher benefits at very low cost.

The unique benefit of banner advertisement is that we will get clients that we are looking for. On the other hand ads that are placed on hosting sites will not get much attention. In banner advertisements we can decide on which sites we need to place our ads, thereby we can direct more attention of the people who are really interested in our products or services. This is a great benefit of banner advertisements while comparing to others.


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